At various stages of pregnancy, women experience changes in their bodies, ranging from discomfort, irritation, dizziness, to excruciating pain, but the most disturbing problem she experiences is her sleeping position as pregnancy progresses, from the first to the last trimester, with the condition of his growing stomach he had to change his sleeping position to provide a comfortable balance for him and the fetus. ranging from difficulty walking, sitting, standing, shortness of breath, morning sickness, back pain and urination. The physical challenges of pregnancy are many, but most of the problems are overcome if the pregnant woman finds the right sleeping position that helps her sleep well.
We recommend several sleeping positions that are ideal for pregnant women at different stages of their pregnancy. Pregnant women should always try to sleep on their left side, because it can increase the amount of blood and nutrients that go to the placenta and baby. To get a comfortable position, bend your knees slightly and place a pillow between your legs. By lying on your back the weight of the stomach slows the return of blood to the heart, thereby reducing blood flow to the fetus, because your baby will get less oxygen and nutrients, try not to put unnecessary pressure on your uterus. At the time of pregnancy will be one-sided, with adequate pillows you will finally be able to sleep soundly and comfortably, no matter which side of your sleep will change.
After drinking water, the new bladder will be filled with an interval of about 2 hours, so you can urinate before going to bed, so your night’s sleep will not be disturbed, because a good night’s sleep will have a good impact on the fetus and you. This will help you to breathe and sleep better.
If your stomach is free from tightness it can help supply more blood and oxygen to the fetus, this is only possible when you sleep in loose clothes. Try not to think about something that can cause anxiety and worry, so that you will be able to sleep well because anxiety can affect the physical and mental health of the fetus you are carrying, if your heart beats faster, it will affect the flow of blood and oxygen to the fetus, therefore try to be as calm as possible by breathing deeply or doing yoga.
During the first trimester the sleeping position is not so problematic, but in the second trimester try to always try to sleep on your left side, in the third and last trimester sleep in a position that you think is comfortable, but always avoid sleeping on your back and on your stomach, every pregnant woman sleeping position can be different different, because it depends on what they feel and most importantly a sense of comfort can be achieved.