1. Drink water after waking up, in the morning drinking water can help the body’s metabolic process.

2. If you don’t really like drinking water in the morning, you can add sliced ​​fruit to your drinking water like lemon for example.

3. Eat fruit is a source of vitamins that are very beneficial for your body. You can make fruit as a complement to your daily nutrition by making it a healthy snack that is easy to carry everywhere.

4. You don’t like eating fruit right away. You can make slow juices or smoothies. Can also be mixed with fresh vegetables, more complete and nutritious. Oh yes, you can add honey to add sweetness, don’t use sugar or thick sweetness.

5. Cooking at home is more guaranteed cleanliness and freshness, of course you are free to experiment with existing ingredients. You can also set what kind of food you want to eat every day. In addition to being more selective, you can also resist excessive appetite if you have prepared it.

6. It seems that this habit has become a routine for our society, namely cooking using spices, there are many benefits that we can get from turmeric, ginger, lemongrass and so on. such as overcoming digestive problems, inflammation, ulcers and bloating. Besides being used as cooking spices, you can also enjoy these ingredients as traditional drinks such as Wedang Jahe.

7. Always count calories in and calories out For those of you who have never done it, don’t be confused about how to calculate it, now there are many calorie counting applications that you can download via cellphone, simply by typing the name of the food you consume, the number of calories will appear.

8. Do not consume caffeine in excess, for those of you who usually consume caffeine in excess can cause indigestion, excessive caffeine can also make the heart pump faster and cause excessive anxiety.

9. Reduce foods that contain lots of salt and oil, consuming too much salt and oil can make blood pressure rise and cause various diseases such as heart failure, hypertension to stroke.

10. Reducing sugar consumption, both drinks and food, should not be excessive, excessive sugar consumption will only make you experience diseases such as diabetes to cancer.